Useful Links

I have mentioned quite a few things in my blogs, here are some of the items you may find useful when working on any of the content I have mentioned.

Some of these are affiliate links to help me fund the site, others are just links, but rest assured that none of these will cost you anything to click on, obviously if you buy something, that is up to you :).

Mel Robbins – The 5 Second Rule

As mentioned in my post about Planning and Goal Setting, Mel Robbins was the reason I began acting on my goals and making progress. I can’t recommend her enough, she has so many youtube videos and a great Audible series that really makes you feel you CAN succeed.

Dr. Rangan Chattergee – The 4 Pillar Plan

This truly has changed my life. I now eat better and relax more – I am still working on this, I’m not instant in my changes, but there are immediate differences that I have noticed – highly recommended!

Martin Lewis – The Money Diet

As much as I love Dave Ramsey, my UK money guru is Martin Lewis. His fantastic ideas on ways to save money and cut back on bills are second to none – he and his team literally search constantly to give details of the best deals, be that cashback on changing banks, cashback in stores or energy saving ideas, a thoroughly great book.

Dave Ramsey – The Total Money Makeover

The Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover book is where I started.  Also available on Audible, this literally changed the way we thought about money.  It comes highly recommended.

Non-Slip, Adjustable Baggie Holders

Since finding The Batch Lady, these have become a major part of my kitchen – brilliant for holding ziplock bags while you batch up the bolognaise or other tempting dishes you have cooked.  Highly recommended.

Ikea Istad Ziplock Bags

Another thing that I use as part of my food prep and meal planning is use ziplock bags – if you have decided to make meals by following the Batch Lady method, then these will be invaluable.   There are a few sizes, 2.5l are the most useful for meals unless you have a lot of people, then the larger 4.5l or 6l would be good.  Smaller bags are great for snacks and sauces.  You can get them here:

2.5ltr & 1.2ltr     1ltr & 1.4ltr     4.5ltr & 6ltr

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

A great budget tool to use on your phone or online, put in your budget, it repeats it for the following month for you – especially great to see what you have left in each category – works on US and UK phones (annual fee charged after free period).

Every Dollar

Recommended by Dave Ramsey, this is just as good as YNAB, but only available as an online version in the UK, not as an app (free to use).