Low-Syn Sausage Hash Breakfast

Hi Guys, (I know, not been on in ages, then another post pops up!)

I thought I would show you all the breakfast we have just made as part of our meal planning this week, it was SOOO NICE and I have frozen three more to have another morning or to take to work with me (obviously they will be without the egg in the middle).

As you can see from the images below, it has lots of wonderful vegetables in to help set you up for the day and gives me three of my colours from the 5-a-day rainbow chart – red pepper, green pepper & corgettes and purple onion. (If you want to know more about Dr Chatterjee’s rainbow vegetable chart, take a look here).

I fried the egg to add in frylight for quickness, but you can bake if you prefer as instructed.

The recipe was for 2 meals, so I doubled up and we actually got 5 meals out of it, 2 to eat now and 3 for freezing, but you may want bigger portions.

It is really easy to make, I’ve saved a PDF for ease here, or you can get the recipe here from the lovely ladies at ‘Pinch of Nom‘.

Until next time,

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