Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

OK, sorry for ripping of Lionel Richie there (well, it is our wedding day dance song after all), but I just wanted to pop on and say hi as I haven’t been around much lately.

I’ve been really ‘busy’ with different stuff, namely nearly finishing the bathroom and kitchen, so I have a little excuse, but to be honest, I’ve been overwhelmed again and not done too much other than that.

So this is just a little ‘Hi’ from me, to say I’m still here and will be posting more soon.

I think I got into giving too much information (I was nearly re-writing the 5 Pillar Plan, too much information when you could read it yourself and get all the best stuff). So from now on, posts should be shorter and sweeter, giving you the highlights instead of all the facts.

I’m off at the moment on a half-term holiday, so looking to meal plan and catch up on some bits and pieces, hope you have an amazing week,

Until next time,

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