And then there was Plastering…

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, but it’s been, well, hectic to say the least!

On the off-chance, a friend dropped round a couple of weeks ago to drop off some ‘easy sand’ ready mixed filler for us. He is a plasterer and does joint & taping, which this is used for and it also helps prepare walls for painting too if they are a bit uneven or you need to fill holes, etc., which is what we needed it for.

Anyway, long story short, he didn’t have much work on this month so he has fitted in nearly all our plastering needs and we very nearly have a hallway that I am not overly embarrassed by!

As you can see, we only needed a little bit done!

Some of this was done in preparation, so the old, loose plaster by the door was removed ready for browning, the cables were re-run so the light switches could be moved and the wallpaper had been removed from around the fireplace and the lintel above it raised and
the ceiling in the hall had been ripped down and you can see that one board has been put up. We still had to remove the radiators (whilst the freezing weather is just beginning here in the UK) but it’s worth it. This is where we are so far…

We’ve even had the upstairs ceiling dropped and downlights put in (just waiting for the new loft hatch) and the landing plastered around the new doors, which I don’t have before photos of…

I have lived with these horrible walls (painted with rippletex, which is basically paint with sand in it!), no carpet and broken bannisters for 7 years because I refused to do anything to it until we had the plastering done, so as you can imagine, I am over the moon with the progress made.

NOTE TO ANYONE WHO LOVES THEIR SANITY: Never, ever, ever, start on another project in your home until the first one is finished!

You have been warned… 😉

Stupidly, we did bits here and bits there all over our house, knocking the kitchen into the dining room to make more room, renovating that room then changing the fireplace and doors to the front room, then adding an extension at the back, before finishing that starting on the bathroom, the list is endless… Please don’t do this, you will end up fed up and depressed.

Still, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel as all plastering should be finished this weekend and I will then have some time off and then start decorating, YAY!

I will update as we go ONE ROOM AT A TIME…

Until next time,

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