A new job, my new university dates and Harry Potter to boot!

Well, what a fantastic week it has been!

I started a new job on Monday and so far, I’m loving it.  I will now be working for a local Academy and am really excited by the fresh ideas that the Principal has for the future and her goals for my position – however, first port of call is to learn the terminology – quite different from what I have done before.

Starting my new job

Everyone there has been wonderful.  It’s been so refreshing and although I’ve taken a cut in pay, I am working less hours and have better benefits, so it’s working out about the same.  I’m loving being home by 4:30pm instead of 6pm, well, who wouldn’t!

Part of the reason I got the job was because I had signed up to do my Level 7 CIPD HR Management course.  Being an Academy, they are of course very keen on professional development, so this went a long way.  However, I didn’t have the position when I signed up, so I put the course off from September to the new year so that I could confirm dates and make sure that I could make it there in the evening.

new adventures

Thankfully, the new dates have come through and I will be starting week commencing 14th January, so I have already ordered some of the suggested books to prepare myself.  This is a Masters Degree, so I will need to make sure that I am organised and am making as many preparations as I can in advance as it is going to be hard work, especially as I will be working full time.

Still, I’m really excited about both prospects and can’t wait to really get going on both of them.

Oh, and what about Harry Potter I hear you say?  Well, I have been listening to the books again on Audible.  It’s brought back some great memories of late night journeys with my children to buy the first edition books as soon as they came out and visits to the cinema to watch the films when they came out.  We have had some wonderful times because of the amazing J K Rowling, such great books, full of mystery and wonder for children and got so many of them reading again, which can’t be a bad thing.

Harry Potter
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. 

I’m currently listening to book 3, The Prisoner of Azkaban, read by Stephen Fry, which is wonderful in itself as he is an amazing narrator, such an animated voice and really makes you ‘feel’ the book and help you become part of the story.

So, that is my exciting week, I’ve enjoyed nearly every minute of it.  How has your week been?  Anything planned for the weekend?  What have you started that is new recently?  I’d love to hear your stories.

I hope whatever you are doing, you are enjoying it and if not, then can I suggest that you take a moment to go do something you love – you will be all the better for it!

Until next time,

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