Hello & welcome to my first post!

Thank you so much for visiting. I want to start by letting you know a little bit about why I have started this blog.
I love starting things. I start… I do LOADS of background stuff, spreadsheets, prepwork, playing around, setup stuff… Then I do the actual thing for two days… then I MEAN to do the actual thing, but maybe tomorrow… then all of a sudden, 3 months have gone by and I’ve done nothing!
Some of you will know what I mean, you have good intentions, but… life takes over and it all falls to the wayside.
Life taking over has meant that we are in debt, I am nearly 3 stone overweight and am now so unorganised, it hurts. This from someone who could eat whatever she wanted because I was so active, organised to the point of nearly being OCD and being excellent with money and savings.

Turning it around

So, the reason for this blog is to be accountable. If I help someone on the way, then great, but I must admit, I am doing this for me, my diary, my journal of how I am changing, and if it becomes something else, then great and I really hope that it can allow someone else to see that it is all possible and help them learn from my mistakes and hopefully, successes.
This blog will be about what I’m eating and how I’m becoming healthier, my ups and downs on my debt journey (and then full steam ahead as I build my wealth and start to enjoy it with my family and friends), and the work we are doing on our home as we finish the renovations that were started 7 years ago (hence the name of the blog).
Welcome to the start of my journey, I hope you’ll stick around.
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