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Denise B&W

Hi, My name is Denise and I am a Wife to Chris, Mother to Lauren & John and a new, proud as punch Nanny to Nathan. 

I’m getting on for retirement and like most women (and I know some men too), I still do too much, struggle with keeping on top of it all and then beat myself up about not being able to cope and let it get to me – you’d think at my age I would have this all sorted by now! 

This blog is my ‘journey’ through our home renovations, my finances, how we are working to get out of debt and all things in between, including trying to get healthy, meal planning and working on our retirement plan.

I do tend to waffle, a lot, so be prepared for some detailed explanations of what I am doing, haha, but seriously, I hope you find some of this useful in your own lives and in a small way I am able to help.

See you on the Blog side…

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